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What people have said about "A CHRISTMAS STORY" by Jay Frankston

"If your story touched our listeners as much as it did me you are assured of being the author of a true Christmas Classic."- Program director, KUKI, Ukiah, CA

"Just beautiful"- Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

"I feel so stupid. I'm black, I'm poor, and 31 years old and crying from reading A CHRISTMAS STORY."- L. McDonald, New York City

"It should be made available to everyone in the world."- Don Chamberlain, KNBR, NBC Radio

"I trust in the coming years we'll see A CHRISTMAS STORY beside all the other Christmas Classics and under every tree.- Public Affairs Director, KRE, Berkeley

"Every year I look for the best and most moving Christmas story, and now I have found it in this loving narrative about the spirit of giving."- Eleanor Eby, Philadelphia Inquirer

"A Christmas classic."- Wichita Falls Times, Wichita Falls, KS

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