a series of Meditations on the Meaning of Life

Excerpt 2 (of 2)

LISTEN! THERE'S MORE THAN ME. And all my pains and all my sorrows flow from this surplus. There's more than me. There's YOU! Your life runs parallel to mine. You stand there in your own space, revolve around your own sun, and breathe your own share of living. It's not what you do or who you are, but that you have your own existence. There's an emptiness inside of me as big as the world outside, and it makes me feel lonely, and it makes me feel sad, and it makes me feel small and incomplete. Our separateness hurts me.

If there's a You and there's a Me then a part of me is missing . . . YOU! And I try to put myself together. I need you to be whole again. And every time we make it happen our love is an eternal grasping. But if I AM YOU . . . then I am whole.

It's like somebody broke something long ago and WE are the pieces of what was broken, and we're always trying to put it all together again.