a series of Meditations on the Meaning of Life

Excerpt 1 (of 2)

THERE IS NO SINGLE MESSIAH as we expected there would be a second or a first coming of. But it is here. It is with us now. This is the age of the messiahs. There are two thousand of them. Two thousand very special beings living among us. Some of them know that their lives are a channel and direct the energy as it comes through. They accept it and dedicate their lives to the conveyancing. They build Zendoes and wear robes, and disciples acknowledge their calling.

But there are two thousand of them. And some of them live in cities and on farms where they lead ordinary lives and are mistaken for ordinary people. They are quiet and unassuming yet their lives are a beacon in the night and through them the universal energy flows.

THERE ARE TWO THOUSAND MESSIAHS. Look around you. Look for them among the people you meet every day, among your acquaintances, among your friends, look in the mirror once in a while.