Comments & Reviews

What people have said about "THE OFFERING", by Jay Frankston

"I want to thank you for the overwhelming sense of peace that "THE OFFERING" has brought me. Your insights and visions are now a part of my bookshelf and my life."- Donna Jeanne Plude, Voluntown, CT

"Frankston shares with profound simplicity the revelatory experiences that come unexpectedly in the midst of life. A magical book for public libraries."- Carolyn Craft, Library Journal

"Frankston's words raise profound philosophical questions . . . His is the "settting up of a 'wise man' persona, a la Krishnamurti or Khalil Gibran,. . . an attempt to pin reality down, get its essence, and communicate this to others."- Mary Pjerrou, A & E Magazine

" . . . filled with insight and surrounded by the common things in life. At times Frankston reads like a sage . . . "- Brooks Mencher, North Coast News

"Your book created in me a spiritual awakening which words cannot express."- Donna Hamilton, San Francisco, CA

"Frankston transcends to search bravely through the labyrinth of human experience for universal truths, giving us a beautiful little book about what it means to be human."- Mary Buckley, New Dimensions Magazine