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"The Offering"

A series of Meditations
on the Meaning of Life
by Jay Frankston

From his early encounters with anti-Semitism as a boy in Paris in the late 1930s to his narrow escape from the fires of the holocaust, Jay Frankston has sought to find meaning. A distillation of a lifetime of experience, "THE OFFERING" sweeps the reader along on a personal, yet universal, journey of self discovery. This is an inspirational book for happy, sad, or transitional moments in your life.


I see a glimmer in the distance
and it is coming closer
and it is coming closer
and it shall soon be upon me
and I shall see all there is to see
and I shall know all there is to know.

WHOLE LOAF PUBLICATIONS is a vehicle for the self-publishing of books by Jay Frankston. Jay Frankston was raised in Paris, and came to the U.S. in 1942. He became a lawyer and practiced in New York for 20 years reaching the top of his profession and writing at the same time. In 1972 he gave up law and New York and moved to California where he became a college instructor. He is the nationally published author of several books some of which have been condensed in Reader's Digest and translated into 15 languages.


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