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What people have said about "SEEDS" a Collection of Sayings and Things by Jay Frankston

" . . . original sayings by the author. Some are witty, some are profound, and most are thought provoking. This is a coffee table book which never winds up on the shelf."- SPECTRUM, magazine of the Unity-and-Diversity World Council

"Frankston's unique quality is his ability to write on several levels simultaneously . . . Filled with insight and surrounded by the common things in life. He picks up a stick in the garden and carves his initials into it. . . At times Frankston reads like a sage . . ."- Brooks Mencher, North Coast News

"This little gem belongs on every coffee-table!" - Elizabeth Fenske, Spiritual Frontiers

"Reading SEEDS is like sitting down with someone's private journal. A book to keep on the nightstand, for those fleeting moments when you step back from the daily grind to observe the world and reflect on its absurdities and its wonders."- Atrium Publishers Group